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Grand Tour Sri Lanka

  • Private / Group Tours
  • Duration - 14 Days
  • Physical Ratings - Easy
  • Max 10 Per Group
What to Expect

This is an exclusive small group or your own private tour, allowing you to experience the best adventures and wildlife while enjoying the warm hospitality of the Sri Lankans. It starts from Negombo and ends in Colombo. We can pick you up from the hotel or airport and drive you to ancient cities, hill country, beaches, and national parks in Sri Lanka. The tour guide will discuss the day’s events with you either in the morning or the evening before.

  • Uncover the enchanting allure and vibrant heritage of Sri Lanka.
  • Explore the Hill Country, where you’ll discover the enchanting world of tea.
  • Experience the charm of a classic train ride.
  • Venture into Yala National Park to spot leopards.
  • Spend your last days at pristine beaches in Sri Lanka.

Tour Starts

CMB – Katunayake International Airport (Negombo)

Tour Ends

CMB – Katunayake International Airport or Colombo


Day 1Welcome to the Pearl of the South Seas.

Nestled on the west coast, Negombo welcomes you with its sandy shores and vibrant atmosphere. Known for its bustling fish market, Dutch canal, and colonial architecture, this coastal city offers a delightful blend of relaxation and cultural exploration. Enjoy water sports on the lagoon, savor fresh seafood, and explore the rich history at St. Mary’s Church. As your gateway to Sri Lanka, Negombo promises a perfect start to your journey with its unique charm and a taste of coastal life.

  • Arrival and assistant at the airport and proceed to Negombo.
  • For the day one, we haven’t planned any activity, thus you are free to arrive in Sri Lanka at any time (we offer 24/7 airport transfer service).
  • You will spend the day relaxing on the beach and by the pool of your cozy hotel.
  • Explore a nearby fishing village for an authentic glimpse into the local lifestyle.
  • Witness the vibrant evening sky and a breathtaking sunset, accompanied by the soothing evening breeze.
  • Immerse yourself in the lively nightlife of the city after a leisurely beach walk.
  • Overnight stay in a Modern Seafront Hotel in Negombo.

Day 2Anuradhapura Unveiled, Journey through Ancient Splendors

Step into the grandeur of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka’s ancient capital. Explore revered temples like Ruwanwelisaya and Jethawanaramaya, witness sacred stupas, and marvel at the historic marvels. Discover the city’s rich heritage, from the serene Thuparamaya to the grandeur of Samadhi Pilimaya. Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry and architectural wonders of Anuradhapura, where every step reveals tales of a bygone era. Anuradhapura, a living testament to Sri Lanka’s glorious past, awaits with its archaeological treasures and spiritual sanctuaries.

  • After breakfast at the hotel proceed to Anuradhapura Ancient City
  • Visit Ruwanwalisaya, Mirisawatiya, Jethawana, Thuparama, Lowamahapaya, Kuttampokuna, Samadi Pilimaya, Sathmahal Prasadaya, Gard Stone
  • Admire the stonework at Isurumuniya temple along with its lovers’ statue, elephant pond and other stone carvings
  • Visit the architectural beauty of world’s’ largest granite statue, which is considered one of the best sculptures in the world
  • Visit sacred forest mountain where the presence of Buddhism was inaugurated in Sri Lanka
  • Visit the semi-circular piece of stone which stood at the foot of a flight of steps in most Buddhist buildings
  • Overnight Stay in Anuradhapura.

Day 3 - 4Spectacular Sigiriya: The Fortress in the Sky

Embark on a journey to Sigiriya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its iconic rock fortress. Explore the ancient marvels and vibrant frescoes atop the Sigiriya Rock. Indulge in a thrilling National Parks Safari, encountering diverse wildlife in their natural habitat. Immerse in the cultural tapestry with a Village Tour, connecting with local communities and traditions. Rejuvenate at an Ayurvedic Spa, experiencing ancient healing practices. Sigiriya offers a blend of history, nature, culture, and wellness, ensuring a holistic experience in the heart of Sri Lanka.

  • After breakfast at the hotel proceed to Sigiriya
  • Climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, a legendary fortress builds on a rock 2500 years ago
  • On the rock fortress, witness the famous frescoes of ancient Sri Lankan damsels
  • Climb the famous Pidurangala Rock to get the picturesque view of the Sigiriya Lion Rock
  • Next, take part in a wild life safari ride in Minneriya National Park and sightsee elephants, sloth bears among endemic animals
  • Take a walk around the calm village to experience the Sri Lankan culture and its village life
  • Get firsthand experience on how Sri Lanka’s ancestors used to travel, by a bullock cart ride
  • Then, you get to go on a wonderful Sri Lankan traditional boat ride
  • 02 nights stay in Sigiriya.

Day 5Kandy Unveiled: Cultural Wonders and Natural Beauty

Discover the heart of Sri Lanka in Kandy, a city steeped in rich history and natural beauty. Explore the sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic, witness traditional Kandyan dance, and stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens. Surround yourself with lush landscapes and immerse in the vibrant local culture, making Kandy an enchanting stop on your journey.

  • After breakfast at the hotel proceed to Kandy
  • En route, stop by the Dambulla cave temple (UNESCO World Heritage site) to explore ancient Buddhist culture
  • Explore the world-famous temple of the Tooth, the main attraction in Kandy
  • Wander around the secluded nature of the Royal botanical garden in Kandy
  • Experience the spice village tour and get to know about world famous Ceylon spices
  • Witness how Sri Lankan handicrafts and famous batiks are made
  • Learn about the famous Ceylon Gems
  • Later if time permits, take part in Sri Lankan Traditional Cultural Show
  • Overnight stay in Kandy.

Day 6 - 7Nuwara Eliya Escapade: Highlands Haven

Nestled in Sri Lanka’s central highlands, Nuwara Eliya is a charming retreat adorned with emerald tea plantations, cool climates, and Victorian architecture. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the ‘Little England,’ exploring lush tea estates, iconic landmarks like Gregory Lake, and embracing the colonial allure of the city’s architecture. A haven for nature lovers, it offers panoramic views, picturesque waterfalls, and invigorating walks. Discover the quintessential blend of natural beauty and colonial history in this idyllic town, offering an enchanting stop on your Sri Lankan journey.

  • After breakfast at the hotel proceed to Nuwara Eliya
  • Begin your day with a delightful breakfast before embarking on a journey to Nuwara Eliya
  • Ensure your cameras are ready for the breathtaking Ramboda waterfall, a must-capture moment
  • Immerse yourself in the art of tea-making with a visit to a Tea Factory and a stop at the scenic Labukale tea garden
  • Relax upon reaching your Nuwara Eliya hotel, allowing the serene ambiance to wash over you
  • Venture into the emerald hills, trekking through nature’s wonders and absorbing the unfolding beauty
  • Explore the Seetha Amman Hindu Kovil, a captivating cultural site in the heart of Nuwara Eliya
  • Afternoon delights await at a local strawberry farm, indulging in the freshness of strawberry juices and
  • shakes
  • Conclude your day with a peaceful stroll through Gregory Park, culminating in the awe-inspiring sunset over Lake Gregory
  • Trekking at Horton Plains National Park
  • 2 nights stay in Nuwara Eliya.

Day 8Ella Enchantment: A Blissful Sojourn in Sri Lanka's Gem

Ella, a gem in Sri Lanka’s hills, captivates with its enchanting train journey. Immerse in one of the world’s most beautiful rides from Nanu Oya to Ella, traversing lush landscapes. Revel in the iconic Nine Arches Bridge and hike to Little Adam’s Peak for panoramic views. Ella’s charm unfolds as you explore tea plantations, enjoy local cuisine, and soak in the serenity. The journey unfolds with a blend of scenic wonders and cultural delights, making Ella an unmissable destination. Let the rhythmic clatter of train wheels and the lush scenery create an unforgettable chapter in your Sri Lankan adventure.

  • Embark on a scenic journey to Ella after a delightful breakfast at your hotel
  • Experience the allure of one of the world’s most beautiful train rides, traveling from Nanu Oya village to the charming Ella town
  • Explore the iconic Nine Arches Bridge in Demodara, a testament to British architectural ingenuity
  • Engage in a moderate hike to Little Adam’s Peak, winding through picturesque tea plantations and reveling in breathtaking views. Ella promises a harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural marvels making it a must-visit destination on your itinerary
  • Overnight stay in Ella.

Day 9Exploring the Wilderness: Yala National Park Adventure

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s premier wildlife sanctuary, hosts a captivating array of flora and fauna within its

expansive boundaries. Encounter deer, peacocks, wild boar, bears, and majestic herds of elephants amid its diverse landscapes. Renowned as a prime location for spotting the elusive Sri Lankan leopard, Yala also boasts a vibrant population of endemic birds. Immerse yourself in the enchanting wilderness through a jeep safari, guided to explore this extraordinary realm where nature’s wonders unfold in every corner. Witness the untamed beauty of Yala National Park, a sanctuary that promises an unforgettable safari experience.

  • Begin the day with a delightful breakfast, then embark on a journey to Yala
  • Immerse yourself in a 3-4 hours safari through Yala National Park, encountering exotic wildlife
  • Stay vigilant for crocodiles during the jungle safari, ensuring you capture their presence with your camera
  • Engage in insightful conversations with an experienced trekker, learning about the park’s endemic and non-endemic animals and bird species
  • Anticipate awe-inspiring encounters with elephants, as these majestic creatures roam near your safari jeep
  • Be ready to capture the mesmerizing dance of peacocks, adding a splash of vibrant beauty to your memories
  • Keep a keen eye out for the elusive leopards, a thrilling quest during your safari adventure
  • Conclude your day by checking into the hotel, allowing for a well-deserved moment of relaxation
  • Overnight stay in Yala.

Day 10Tranquil Retreat in Tangalle: Exploring the Coastal Serenity

Nestled along the southern coast, Tangalle invites you to a coastal haven where pristine beaches meet tropical tranquility. Enjoy idyllic sunsets, unwind on unspoiled shores, and dive into the cultural tapestry of this charming town. From tranquil beach strolls to vibrant local markets, Tangalle promises a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural immersion, making it a must-visit gem on your Sri Lankan journey.

  • Spend leisurely hours on Tangalle’s pristine beaches, like Goyambokka and Medaketiya, where golden sands meet the azure waters of the Indian Ocean
  • Witness the natural wonder of Hummanaya, one of the few blowholes in the world, as it shoots seawater high into the air, creating a mesmerizing spectacle
  • Embark on a cultural journey to Mulkirigala, an ancient rock monastery adorned with vibrant murals and ancient cave dwellings, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes
  • Head to Rekawa Beach for an enchanting turtle-watching experience. Witness sea turtles nesting and hatching in the serene setting of this conservation hotspot
  • Explore Tangalle’s culinary scene by sampling fresh seafood in beachside restaurants or trying local delicacies at bustling markets, offering an authentic taste of Sri Lankan cuisineve
  • Explore Tangalle’s culinary scene by sampling fresh seafood in beachside restaurants or trying local delicacies at bustling markets, offering an authentic taste of Sri Lankan cuisine
  • Overnight stay in Tangalle.

Day 11 - 12Coastal Serenity and Water Adventures

Nestled along the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa captivates with its coastal charm and natural beauty. This picturesque town boasts sun-drenched beaches and a tropical ambiance that lures travelers seeking relaxation and adventure alike. Embraced by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Mirissa offers pristine sandy shores perfect for leisurely strolls and sunbathing. Renowned for its vibrant marine life, Mirissa invites visitors to embark on thrilling whale watching excursions, providing an unforgettable glimpse into the majestic creatures of the sea. Explore the tranquil waters through snorkeling or surfing, or simply unwind amidst the serenity of the coastal landscape. With its idyllic beaches, captivating marine adventures, and laid-back coastal vibes, Mirissa promises a harmonious retreat for travelers seeking the essence of coastal Sri Lanka.

  • After breakfast at the hotel proceed to Mirissa
  • Visit beautiful Galle Fort and take part in the Galle city tour
  • Check into your hotel and unwind, immersing yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Mirissa
  • Witness the timeless tradition of Sri Lankan stilt fishermen showcasing their unique fishing style
  • Gain insights into Sri Lanka’s Sea turtles at a turtle hatchery in Kosgoda
  • Embark on a mesmerizing boat ride along the Madu River, surrounded by picturesque mangroves
  • Visit a fish farm along the Madu River and experience the unique Sri Lankan fish therapy if you’re intrigued
  • Conclude your day with a leisurely stroll along the serene beach, savoring the breathtaking sunset over Mirissa
  • On the Next day morning waking up a little bit early We board one of the finest boats in the area for an opportunity to witness the largest animals in the world.
  • 2 nights stay in Mirissa/Dickwella.

Day 13Colombo Chronicles: A Vibrant City Experience

Explore the heart of Sri Lanka’s commerce with a visit to Colombo, an essential stop on any itinerary. Dive into the rich tapestry of ancient Ceylon, showcased in museums and places of worship, offering glimpses of cultural diversity. Roam the city streets, savor delectable Sri Lankan Street food, and indulge in a shopping spree for memorable souvenirs. Immerse yourself in the modern pulse of Sri Lanka by joining locals in vibrant pubs and nightclubs. Alternatively, unwind by the seashore, where the calming sunset becomes a cherished moment, creating a perfect blend of tradition, modernity, and unforgettable experiences on your vacation.

  • After breakfast at the hotel proceed Colombo
  • Explore the modern architecture infused with cultural essence at the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple
  • Enjoy a leisurely stroll in scenic parks like Green Path and Viharamahadevi Park, where local artists showcase paintings along the road
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Colombo Fort, exploring its bustling bazaar, the Red Mosque, and the Dutch Museum
  • Make a pit stop at local hangout spots, including Independence Square and Arcade – Independence Square
  • Visit the iconic Galle Face Green and the historic Old Parliament building along the famous beachfront
  • Indulge in a shopping spree at renowned destinations like ODEL, Noritake, House of Fashion, Ceylon Tea Shops, and various Sri Lankan handicraft outlets
  • Conclude your day by checking into your Colombo hotel, providing a perfect setting for relaxation
  • Overnight stay in Colombo.

Day 14Time to Say Good Bye from ASY Tours

As your enchanting journey in Sri Lanka concludes, we bid you farewell at the airport. Cherish the memories of ancient cities, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture, taking a piece of this paradise with you. Safe travels and until we meet again!

  • After the breakfast at the hotel, proceed to Airport
  • Good bye from ASY Tours!
What's Included


Enjoy 13 nights in handpicked modern hotels and resorts for an amazing Sri Lanka experience.

A night stay in a luxury tent at a Yala Safari Camp (On additional request).


A legendary English-speaking leader from ASY Tours will guide you through the entire tour. Our customer support team is available 24/7 during and after your trip to assist you with all your onward travel needs.


  • 13 Breakfasts
  • 07 Dinners
  • 01 BBQ Dinner

This tour offers Vegetarian, Vegan and Halal food options on request. Simply Contact us the food option that you prefer.

Additional Services

  • Walk through the Dambulla Buddhist caves
  • Climb to the Pidurangala Rock
  • Cultural village tour with authentic local lunch
  • Experience a bull cart ride and a boat ride
  • Visit to organic spice garden
  • Visit to the famous Temple of the Tooth in Kandy
  • Cultural Show at Kandy
  • Visit to the tea country estates to pick your own tea with locals
  • Hike to Little Adam’s Peak and the 9 Arches Bridge
  • Visit to a turtle hatchery and sanctuary to learn about sea turtles
  • Walk around the iconic Galle Fort


  • Arrival and departure transportation to the airport are provided. Please note that if your stay exceeds 14 days, airport drop-off will not be provided.
  • Private transportation in a modern, fully air-conditioned vehicle for the entire trip.
  • Train ride on the ‘most beautiful train journey in the world.
What's Excluded


As we have travelers from all over the world, flights before and after the tour are not included in the tour price, and you need to arrange these separately by yourself once your tour is guaranteed. If you need to book flight tickets from us you may contact our support team.


  • Yala National Park Safari – Can be purchased on the “Book Now” page
  • Pre and post-tour accommodation (Available on Request)
  • Birth Day/Anniversary celebrations arrangements (Available on Request)
  • Whale watching – Seasonal Activity (Available on Request)
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Treatments (Available on Request)
  • UNESCO Heritage sites Entrance fees
  • National Parks Entrance fees and Jeep hire
  • National Museums Entrance fees
  • Botanical Gardens Entrance fees
  • Late check-out & early check-in charges
  • Other meals, snacks and drinks
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